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ABSL Celebrates Being the First Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer to Achieve 100 Spacecraft Launches
Monday, November 25, 2013

READING, Pa., Nov. 25, 2013-- EnerSys® (NYSE: ENS), the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, announces that its lithium-ion space battery business, ABSL Space Products (ABSL), is the first lithium-ion space battery supplier to reach 100 launches. On November 22, 2013, the 100th spacecraft launched into space with ABSL lithium-ion batteries on board and successfully achieved orbit.

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Swarm mission, ABSL’s 100thlithium-ion launch, comprises three identical satellites in near-polar low Earth orbit (LEO), which will study the effects of the Earth’s dynamic and changing magnetic field and the impact that has on our environment.

ABSL is proud of its involvement in Swarm and the important data that the mission will deliver. Equally important as the 100thlaunch, ABSL has powered an impressive list of missions starting with ESA’s Project for On-board Autonomy (PROBA) in 2001, the longest running lithium-ion powered mission at 12 years. Since then ABSL has built an enviable record of designing, developing and supplying some of the most exciting scientific and commercial space projects in the past decade. 

ABSL’s dedicated engineering capability has enabled it to provide mission critical designs for a wide variety of spacecraft. Whether it be experiments on the International Space Station, Low Earth Orbit remote sensing, GPS systems, interplanetary probes and keeping NASA astronauts alive, ABSL batteries have met requirements and delivered reliable power

Key ABSL milestones include:

·        The first space flight battery manufacturer to qualify lithium-ion cells for space flight

·        The first lithium-ion battery to orbit earth (ESA’s PROBA 1)

·        The first lithium-ion battery to orbit Mars (ESA’s Mars Express)

·        The first lithium-ion battery to orbit Venus (ESA’s Venus Express)

·        The first lithium-ion battery to power a NASA spacecraft (NASA’s ST-5)

·        The first lithium-ion battery to provide power for astronaut life support (NASA’s EMU)

·        The first lithium-ion battery to power a comet probe (ESA’s Rosetta)

·        Powering NASA’s return to the moon (NASA’s LRO & LCROSS)

In achieving this landmark Richard W. Zuidema, Executive Vice President, EnerSys, said “I am proud that ABSL has provided batteries for the Swarm mission and it is especially important given that it marks our 100thsuccessful launch. I would like to thank everyone in our business and our valued customers for creating such a successful and impressive heritage”.

The ability to achieve this milestone is thanks to the unparalleled understanding of Li-ion cells that comes from countless hours of cell testing. This knowledge underpins the drive for engineering excellence that is reflected in the way solutions are developed closely with customers, and can balance demanding requirements, from deep discharges to long cycle life, and unique battery shapes and packaging to intense vibration environments.

ABSL is very satisfied to reach the first 100th launch milestone. With a strong customer base and new technology in development, ABSL is looking forward to achieving the next 100 missions.


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