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Instrumentation Product Overview

Earth Observation by satellite represents an increasingly significant number of satellites in orbit and this trend is set to continue in the years ahead, as scientists, agencies and regulators look to space for the global monitoring of the components affecting the earth’s climate and their effect.

Highly accurate instruments are carried on board many of these spacecraft to measure the earth’s temperature in various wavelength bands, covering mm Wave and near-infra-red. The accuracy required for these instruments often relies on highly accurate calibration sources which represent an ideal radiometric source at a well defined temperature.

ABSL Space Products is now the leading supplier of Calibration Systems providing flight hardware for most of the spacecraft instruments operating in space today, including ATSR, AATSR, MIPAS, MSG-SEVIRI, MSG-GERB and IASI.

The implementation of a space radiometer experiment often requires pre-launch calibration to be done to enable the functionality of the space hardware to be verified. ABSL has, in the past, also supported ground calibration systems for this purpose.

Years of experience in the field has enabled ABSL to produce a database of optical black finishes to provide as close as possible to an ideal radiating surface as possible.

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) systems are another feature of optical instruments where the constituents of the earth’s atmosphere are being measured or the distribution of features such as vegetation needs to be measured over a wide land surface area. Such imaging instruments can also be used for accurate imaging and ranging of ground topology and distance to a designated target.

ABSL is actively involved in both imaging and ranging types of LIDAR system, and is able to provide design and development support, production and testing facilities through their in-house optical design team and their facilities. Recent projects have also included the optimisation of the design of a High Resolution Filter (HRF) assembly for space use, leading to a fully qualified space product.


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