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Longmont Facilities and Tools

Longmont, Colorado, USA

ABSL Space Products operates out of a purpose built  space battery production and test facility in Longmont, Colorado located fifty miles from Denver International Airport. The Colorado plant houses all of the space battery design, manufacturing, testing, program management, and sales efforts for the Americas. The facility has been designed to effectively serve the requirements of both governmental and commercial programs while following the paradigms of lean manufacturing and testing.


Production Manufacturing

  • 2,800 square feet of visibly clean class clean room for assembly of high reliability space hardware
  • All square footage includes ESD protected workstations and mechanical workbenches
  •  Dedicated shipping and receiving area for pre-processing materials and parts prior to their admission in the high reliability Secured Stores.
  • The large secured store features temperature control, ESD workstations, and antistatic packaging to treat sensitive components as required. 
  • To ensure control of stock items, a computerized system is used for storage and retrieval operations.


  • Large suite of space testing capabilities with multiple stations (including ESD) to enable parallel testing and significantly streamline program test schedules.
  • Thermal vacuum testing between temperatures of -150°C and +150°C at vacuum levels exceeding 1 x 10-6 Torr in multiple chambers.  Large TVAC chamber allows for testing batteries in parallel as needed.
  • Dedicated harness isolation testing using Cirrus tester
  • Thermal chambers and thermal shock chambers provide capability for long and short life test at temperatures between -70°C and +170°C
  • Multiple high and low voltage battery cyclers for mission simulation to single cell qualification.  Includes capability of battery AC and DC impedance characterization.
  • Dedicated single cell battery testers for battery assembly.
  • Over 3,500 square feet of dedicated environmental testing.


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